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Watching Euro 2024 on TV

Euro 2024 will be broadcast around the world across various television networks and streaming platforms. Here is a breakdown of how to watch in some of the major football markets:


In Germany, ARD and ZDF will split broadcasting rights and each air about half of the matches from the tournament. All matches will be available for free on these public channels.

United Kingdom

BBC and ITV have the rights in the UK. Both networks will air matches from the tournament, with the final being shown on BBC. Matches can be watched for free on TV and also streamed on the BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub online platforms.

United States

In the US, ESPN will be the exclusive broadcaster for Euro 2024. Matches will air across ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC. Some matches will also be available in Spanish on Univision. All matches can be streamed on ESPN+ with a subscription.


TF1 and M6 will share broadcasting duties in France. Fans will be able to watch matches on these major networks for free. Streaming will be available via the TF1 and M6 digital platforms.


Telecinco has obtained the rights in Spain and will air the matches on their main channel. Free streaming will be provided through MiTele Plus online and on mobile apps.

4K/HDR Broadcasts

Select Euro 2024 matches will be available in 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) on certain networks. In Germany, some matches on ARD and ZDF will be in 4K. In the UK, the BBC is expected to broadcast the final in 4K HDR. In the US, ESPN will produce matches in 4K on its ESPN4K channel.

Optimal Home Setup

Watching the Euro 2024 matches at home can provide an amazing viewing experience with the right setup. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate home environment for following the tournament:

Best TVs for Sports Viewing

When it comes to watching sports, image quality and motion handling are key. Look for a TV with a high refresh rate (120Hz or higher), low input lag, and fast response time. LED and OLED TVs from LG, Samsung and Sony are top choices. Aim for a 55-inch or larger screen size, and 4K resolution if possible.

Sound System Recommendations

Don’t rely on tiny built-in TV speakers. A dedicated sound bar or surround sound system can make you feel like you’re in the stadium. Look for Dolby Atmos capability, multiple channels/speakers, and at least 300-400 watts of power. Sonos, Bose, Yamaha, and Polk Audio make great options.

Ambient Lighting Ideas

Set the mood with bias or accent lighting behind and around your TV. LED strip lights are inexpensive and easy to install. Go for your favorite team’s colors or choose red, yellow and black to match the tournament visual identity. Smart bulbs like Philips Hue can be voice controlled or synced to the TV. Place floor lamps strategically around seating areas as well. The right lighting adds to the excitement!

With the perfect viewing setup, you’ll feel immersed in every match and moment. Get your gear ready now to maximize your Euro 2024 experience.

Watching on Mobile

Catching the Euro 2024 action on the go has never been easier. Thanks to mobile apps and improved streaming technology, you can watch matches live from anywhere.

The key is having a smartphone or tablet with a strong data or WiFi connection. For the best experience, connect to WiFi whenever possible to avoid eating up your monthly data allowance. Some apps like the Official Euro 2024 App even allow you to listen to radio commentary when you can’t stream video.

To get the most out of your mobile viewing experience, be sure to take some battery-saving measures. Reduce screen brightness, disable background app refresh, and close unused apps to conserve power. Bring a portable charger when you’re on the go, and try using headphones instead of speakers to amplify sound without maxing out volume.

With some planning and the right apps, you’ll be able to catch every minute of Euro 2024 action on your smartphone or tablet!

Special Tournament Features

The Euro 2024 tournament will showcase several exciting new technologies and broadcast enhancements to bring fans closer to the action.

One innovation is the official match ball created by Adidas, which uses the latest thermal bonding techniques for improved performance in all conditions. The ball’s seamless surface and internal sensor will allow precise tracking of every shot, pass, and movement on the field. Fans will be able to see real-time data like ball speed, spin, trajectory, and more during replays and analysis.

The tournament will also feature advanced augmented reality (AR) graphics and animations integrated directly into the live broadcast. State-of-the-art motion tracking will pinpoint exact player positions to overlay virtual offside lines, team formations, heat maps, and other graphics onto the field in real time. This technology will provide deeper insights while allowing fans to better understand tactics and strategies.

Highlights and replays will leverage 360-degree cameras, ultra slow motion, and multiple angles to showcase every moment in stunning quality. Special rail cameras installed in each stadium will capture the emotions and reactions of players, coaches, and fans. This wealth of captivating content will allow fans to relive amazing goals, saves, celebrations and more from every possible viewpoint.

With these and other innovations, Euro 2024 aims to be the most technologically advanced and visually engaging European Championship ever. The tournament will offer fans new ways to experience the beautiful game.

Get in the Spirit

Euro 2024 is not just about the matches, it’s a celebration of football fandom and European culture. Get ready to cheer on your team and experience the electric atmosphere by immersing yourself in tournament traditions.

Bars and Pubs Showing Matches

Catching the games at a lively sports bar or pub with other fans takes the excitement to another level. Most bars will promote themselves as football-friendly venues during the tournament. Look for flags, team scarves, and signs advertising Euro 2024 specials.

The fan guides list bars dedicated to screening matches. You’ll often find sound on, drink deals, and a festive international crowd. Get there early for big games to secure a good spot. Many bars will require reservations.

If you want a more low-key pub, check listings for places showing games with the sound off. These let you focus on your mates while still catching the action.

Merchandise and Collectibles

Part of the fun is collecting gear to commemorate the tournament. Each host city has an official Euroshop with a wide range of products. You’ll find team jerseys, caps, scarves, pins, footballs, and more. There is also an online Euroshop with international shipping.

Look for limited edition local products only available in that host city. These make great souvenirs and gifts. Germany is releasing Euro 2024 stamps and coins if you want a unique keepsake.

Some fans try to collect a ticket stub or program from every match. If you want to get programs signed by players, arrive at the stadium early and politely ask as they enter. Limited edition posters, street banners, and other decor can also serve as memorabilia.

Sustainability and Legacy

The Euro 2024 organizers have made sustainability a key focus of the tournament. Significant investments have been made in environmentally friendly infrastructure at all stadiums and team base camps.

Some of the sustainability measures include:

  • All stadiums will be powered by 100% eco-friendly energy. Solar panels have been installed at many venues.
  • Waste management systems will recycle and compost as much as possible. Single-use plastics will be banned.
  • Host cities have expanded public transport and cycling infrastructure to reduce emissions.
  • New stadiums were built on vacant lots instead of untouched land. Existing stadiums were modernized sustainably.
  • Teams will use electric team buses to travel between training grounds, hotels, and matches.
  • Local and seasonal food will be served at stadiums and fan zones.

In addition to environmental impact, Euro 2024 is expected to provide significant economic benefits. According to independent research, the tournament could generate over €2 billion for the German economy. Tourism and consumption are expected to rise, supporting jobs and businesses.

There are also hopes that Euro 2024 will spur grassroots football development across Germany. New pitches and facilities have been built in host cities. Youth academies and programmes aim to grow participation. The legacy would include more players, coaches, and referees in the country.

Overall, this tournament has the potential to accelerate sustainability efforts and leave a positive legacy across multiple areas in Germany. The organizers hope to deliver one of the greenest and most progressive Euros to date.

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