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TVS Digital Services was one of the first independent Sky TV installers in the North East. If you have poor signal quality or been told you can’t get Sky give us a call.

We have over 30 years experience in bespoke installation services such as special heights and complicated installations (outside the normal), trees blocking signals etc…

If you’ve been denied Sky TV due to installation issues then give us a call we can often provide alternative installation solutions.

Sky Freesat is a fantastic way of getting digital satellite television for a simple on-off payment with no subscriptions following. But, if you decide that you want to upgrade from Sky Freesat to any Sky Digital package in the future, its only one simple phone call away!

There are over 240 digital tv channels, 85 radio stations and 6 free HD channels from providers such as:

  • BBC
  • ITV
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 5
  • Dave
  • Pick TV
  • CNN
  • Film 4
  • Sky+

You can Pause, Rewind and Play live TV, ensuring you never miss a minute! Furthermore, it gives you the flexibility to plan your television viewing and record your favourite TV shows, even whilst watching a separate Sky Digital channel.


Now that Sky have introduced the Sky Q Rental Box they are totally responsible for their product. However, in our experience the external dish installation can sometimes be challenging with health and safety measures, or obstacles in the way of the signal. We can help and often offer solutions to overcome these problems that Sky can’t. 

If you are experiencing either:

  • Loss of signal
  • Loss of picture quality
  • Blocky/freezing images on your digital television system via Sky, TVS can provide a prompt and professional ‘Sky Repair’ service to ensure your Sky TV satellite service is working at its optimum efficiency.

TVS will also test the digital signal being received at the Sky satellite receiver in each room of your home, to ensure there are no breakages in the cabling, or faulty connections. We provide a prompt Sky Repair satellite diagnostic service, and can have your Sky satellite system rectified within hours of your telephone call!

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